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Hayden is a webmaster and recent CSULB Computer Science graduate looking for jobs in software engineering.

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"Get involved with high school esports! I’m not sure if AOC has an esports club but if they still don’t, try to start one up! If you’re not able to, try to talk with other high schools’ esports programs if they have any."

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Hayden Matheus
Class of 2015


Group picture is of me and my fellow board members receiving an award for “Event of the Year” in CSULB’s Student Leadership Awards


My career roadmap has been defined since the beginning.

I had an interest in computers since childhood because my dad was a computer programmer and technician.

Since I enjoyed playing video games, I also attempted to learn how to develop them. However, learning development during middle school was difficult since I didn’t have any coding fundamentals at the time. I ended up getting impatient and giving up on it.

Took basic CS classes during summer and realized that the major was just a natural fit for me. I didn’t have a natural talent for it, but coding was something that I could see myself doing in the future.

I completed my Associate’s for CS at COC in 2016.

When I transferred from COC, I joined my school's esports association, CSULB Esports & Gaming Association, as an intern, eventually being promoted to a team manager and then to secretary. In both roles, I took care of backend paperwork for the collegiate League of Legends team and then the club as a whole, respectively.

Finally ended up becoming the club's webmaster, tasked with updating the site with new information and player profiles.

I graduated from CSULB in 2019 with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

Currently, I still work on the club’s website, do miscellaneous coding projects, and help out the club’s executive board during this quarantine.



Here are my extracurriculars relevant to this pathway


  • Entry level Computer Science courses at COC


  • Secretary, collegiate team manager (League of Legends), and Webmaster for CSULB Esports Association

  • Tournament Organizer and Secretary for Beachcon™

  • Program Director for GGBeach 2019


What I'm currently doing/hope to do

Having just graduated, I’m pursuing various software engineering positions as any fresh CS graduate would do. However, I’ve learned a lot about the esports scene and its many opportunities. So, if possible, I hope to work within that space for a little bit before diving deep into CS.


How to maximize my time in high school?

  • Advice #1: Get involved with high school esports! I’m not sure if AOC has an esports club but if they still don’t, try to start one up!  If you’re not able to, try to talk with other high schools’ esports programs if they have any.

  • Advice #2: Make your own programming projects! If you’re having trouble coming up with project ideas, try recreating things that exist already or try to create something based around your interests. For example, if you like food, you can learn how to maintain a database full of recipes or how to make a website featuring restaurants that you like to go to. Remember that the whole point of this piece of advice is to learn how things work with a software engineering perspective. As long as you were able to learn how to do something that properly works in your program, or even optimize an existing coding technique that you use, you’ve succeeded!

  • Advice #3: Learn how to be a good team player. You’ll have a lot of group programming assignments so you’ll have to learn how to operate and adapt in that type of environment. Easiest ways to be a good team player is to communicate with others effectively and pull your weight during assignments.

  • Advice #4: Communication skills are just as important as your coding skills. Learn how to be a clear, concise, and direct communicator while also becoming an attentive and meticulous listener.

  • Advice #5: Enjoy your time at AOC! Having fun and being relaxed will help you persevere through the pressures of performing well in classes and your extracurriculars!

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