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See what's possible.

Then, gain insight into the path that it takes to get there. contains the stories & career possibilities of countless professionals, all of which share the insight that you need to
prepare for a 4-year university and beyond.

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See how students follow their passions in pursuit of their path.

Becoming a self-starter, or engaging with opportunities within your path is crucial to identifying a career pathway that aligns with your personal values, strengths, and goals.


Putting his skills to the test
Tyler, '20, codes Comatose, an Android app that allows a user to place their phone into deep sleep when they turn the screen off, saving battery life


Launching a movement
Joelle, '20, launches annual sexual harassment seminar to address sexual assault epidemic on college campuses and in media


Inspiring Future Engineers
Project 691 Robotics team hosting their annual booth at Club Food Day to help foster interest in joining the team.

Our mission aims to democratize access to career path possibilities to high schoolers everywhere. Every student deserves a fair chance to see what's possible, and to know about what it takes to pursue that path at a university and beyond. 


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Hear about career journeys from professionals in cutting-edge industries, such as AI, Web3, Education, Sustainability, and more! Also, hear about our progress as our team looks to democratize access to careers at high schools across the US!

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