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​The Student Tutoring program has a team of knowledgeable and experienced tutors who provide academic and emotional support in a safe environment to students by sharing helpful tips and making personal connections as well as applying engaging techniques, developing critical thinking skills, and learning to be self-sufficient to help students understand concepts. Our service opens up opportunities for learning and growth among both students and tutors, better preparing them for life in and outside the classroom.



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Meet face-to-face with a highly-qualified tutor specifically tailored to your learning needs. Tutors have been carefully selected by faculty as a result of their interpersonal skills in addition to their academic expertise. You are given the freedom to choose a tutor based on the convenience of your schedule –– we have tutors available during every academic period.

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We have gathered over 25 tutors with advanced knowledge in a variety of subjects for Grades 9-12. Pick a tutor based on your needs.

Class period on..
Caitlin Tang
12th Grade
Math to Calc 3, English, Biology, Chemistry, History, Chinese
Elise Kim
12th Grade
English, History, Science, and Sign Language
Nathan Hyun
12th Grade
Math up to Calc 2, English, Chemistry, ASL 1, and History
Courtney Roos
12th Grade
Math to Calc 2, Science, and Biology
Natalie Flynn
12th Grade
Math up to Calc 3, Science, Spanish 1, English, History
Shriprithi Vel Murugan
11th Grade
Claire Miller
11th Grade
English, Science/Biology, and History
Ranan Kim
12th Grade
Math to Calc 3, History, Science, and English
Ramesh Bahmaniyan
12th Grade
English, Math to Precalculus, Spanish 101, Chemistry, Chem 151, History, and Biology
List of Student Tutors
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Using AOC's new system, TutoringExpress, you can meet with one of our student tutors, online! Using the filters & pictures of the tutors above, choose your desired tutor for your meeting. Then, click on the button below to select your tutor, and they will be notified of your appointment. Through your student email, you will also be notified to add, cancel, or reschedule the appointment to your schedule.

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