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Carter is a designer and technologist studying Computer Science and Design at Georgia Tech.

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"Fearful people become victims of circumstance. Fearless people create circumstance. Don't be afraid to fail - the winners tend to keep going no matter what."

Hear Carter talk about his passion for programming and web development!

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Carter Cote
Class of 2020


This is a picture of my office as an intern at JPMorgan Chase & Co. in New York City!


My career roadmap has been all over the place.

It all started in sixth grade, when I was playing the sandbox video game Minecraft. I found myself modifying the game in order to express my creativity.

I enjoyed redesigning Minecraft textures so much that I decided to share my ideas with the world. I started a YouTube channel, and gained over 10K subscribers and 1.2 million views from people in 49 different countries.

Entering high school, design was a small hobby, but it was never a factor in shaping my career. Instead, another career pathway remained of interest: sports medicine.

I had played competitive basketball for most of my life, and I considered becoming a sports medicine physician. An internship and a kinesiology class had caused me to realize, however, that it was not the kind of work I expected.

I started to narrow my interests towards engineering and product design, moreso because of my advanced placement in math, but also my design experience. I wanted to realize the potential of those skills.

In my senior year, I found myself doing more design work than ever, through countless websites for student projects that I had founded or contributed to (including this one!). Eventually, I wanted to learn how to actually build websites.

During the pandemic, I worked with other activated students to develop Six Feet Supplies, a nonprofit that delivers groceries to the immunocompromised. Through a course on Udemy, I self-taught myself Full-Stack Web Development.

This caused me to pivot towards majoring in Computer Science. Now, I study CS at Georgia Tech. Both CS and design are tools that empower me as a problem-solver through my everyday life.



Here are my extracurriculars relevant to this pathway


  • Self taught in full-stack web development, Adobe Creative Cloud, Python, Fusion 360, several programming libraries

  • Utilized CS and Design Thinking to develop AOC’s Helping Hand, a college and career platform

  • Designed patient call-light communication system that utilizes Raspberry Pi and Python script technology


  • Software Engineer Intern at JPMorgan Chase & Co. Built a production-ready API containing new features within an internal tool at the firm. Worked within the Asset & Wealth Management line of business.

  • Developed a graph visualization tool for scholarly literature at the Georgia Tech Research Institute

  • Director of Marketing at Startup Exchange, the largest entrepreneurship community at Georgia Tech. Responsible for growth strategy via branding & design, community & alumni relations, and marketing to potential partners looking to vitalize the startup/VC ecosystem in Atlanta.

  • Full stack developer at HexLabs, which hosts the largest hackathon in the southeast (1400+ annual participants).


What I'm currently doing/hope to do

Outside of learning the technical skills from my CS degree, I enjoy using design thinking and tech stacks in order to facilitate growth in an idea, product, or organization. My CS degree and my design background have enabled me to approach the solution space by surveying the user's needs and empathizing for the problems that they face. I've built the largest entrepreneurship community at Georgia Tech, a grocery delivery platform scaled across 13 cities, and this website in order to enable you guys to discover your career path! For the next few years, my goal is to continue to discover ways upon which I can apply both computing and design to solve complex problems facing everyday people.


How to maximize my time in high school?

  • Advice #1: Based on your pathway, try to incorporate skill-building courses into your ed plan. If you are interested in Computer Science, you should definitely take COC’s course offerings.

  • Advice #2: Learn to broaden your perceptions and ambitions. Try to recognize a need in your community and how you can yield solvency through your passions in CS or engineering.

  • Advice #3: Developing a digital portfolio really helps to showcase your work and to stockpile your previous experience and your projects.

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