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Hana is a Human Biology student, looking to eradicate systematic oppression in access to healthcare.

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"Take initiative in your life. There will be those who will push you to do x,y, or z while others will competitively compare or define you. You are ultimately the only one who can change your world as well as the world around you."

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Hana Kim
Class of 2018



My career roadmap has been somewhat defined.

Being exposed to healthcare from an early age through my mother, who works as a Nurse Practitioner.

Experiencing surgery of a benign cleft cyst; I was intrigued and took care of my post-op healing process on my own!

Volunteering at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital for 2 years in various Med Surg units and Emergency Room. Within this time, I also established the Art for Healing volunteering program. It was during this time where I solidified my passion: caring for others through empathy and healthcare.

The first two years of my undergrad experience, specifically when taking courses for my medical humanities minor and working at the Sustainability Resource Center, were extremely transformative. My passion remains the same, but with a new focus on ensuring that I am a part of the change our world desperately needs not only in healthcare, but also within humanity.

My career goal really sharpened as I started to volunteer at a student-run free health care clinic in a community that is underserved. Observing the flow of a satellite clinic was vastly different compared to my prior experience at a private hospital--here is where I realized that different roles are equally as essential because teamwork and genuine care is what makes quality healthcare.

At this current state, I am quite confident that medical school is not for me, and that becoming a PA or NP is better suited for what I want to do. Lateral mobility, patient interaction, and length of these careers appeal to me, as I am eager to help all people regardless of their backgrounds/identities receive care.



Here are my extracurriculars relevant to this pathway


  • Associated Student Body 2016-2018 | Executive Secretary (2018), Vice President (2016)

  • National Honors Society 2014-2018 | President (2018)

  • Students Off And Running 2017-2018 | Student Runner

  • Wellness Club 2017-2018 | Class of 2018 Liaison

  • Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital 2016-2018 | Med Surg 1&2 Volunteer (2016-2018), Emergency Room Intern (2017), Art for Healing Establisher & Trainer (2017-2018)


  • FRESH Basic Needs Hub 2018-2019 | Student Volunteer

  • Sustainability Resource Center 2019-2020 | EarthReps Coordinator, Teaching Assistant, SLICR Facilitator

  • The Scribe 2019-Current | Visual Art & Photography Section Editor

  • An Lanh Free Clinic Project 2019-Current | Head of Media & Marketing, Patient Education Volunteer

  • BenMohamed Laboratory Gavin Herbert Eye Institute 2019-Current | Ophthalmology Research Assistant

  • Resident Advisor and Intern at Undergraduate Palliative Care Program at UCI Medical Center


What I'm currently doing/hope to do

Currently, I am working at the Sustainability Resource Center on campus leading the EarthReps Internship Program while actively taking on leadership roles in a free clinic, undergraduate medical publication, and ophthalmology research laboratory. My goal is to become a healthcare provider that can help eradicate our nation’s systematic oppression and fight for the rights of communities that are disproportionately affected. After my undergraduate education, I plan to take one or two gap years to work in the healthcare field before applying to PA or Nursing schools. Womens’/reproductive health, palliative care, and surgery are specialties that I am interested in possibly pursuing. If you have any questions in regards to specifying a career within healthcare or the intersections within social justice, planetary health, healthcare, etc., please don’t hesitate to reach out!


How to maximize my time in high school?

  • Advice #1: Don’t be afraid to try new things--looking back, I was extremely, if not too involved in extracurriculars in comparison to my academics. I don’t regret it at all because those experiences helped shape what I believe in, care about, and love. Join clubs! Explore what opportunities are there for you.

  • Advice #2: Have some fun in high school! If you have hobbies that you are neglecting for academia, please don’t let them go. Life only gets more complex and every passion of yours is important, even if society does not reinforce that.

  • Advice #3: Apply to scholarships, internships, any opportunities--especially the free ones! Take advantage of the plethora of resources out there during your schooling.

  • Advice #4: Take initiative in your life. There will be those who will push you to do x,y, or z while others will competitively compare or define you. You are ultimately the only one who can change your world as well as the world around you. Be sure to have a support network along the way of navigating your life!

  • Advice #5: What I believe to be the most important piece of advice for anyone reading this is that failure is what will stunt or enable you. Every accomplishment in any individual’s resume will look impressive or daunting, but what I want to stress is that rejections and failures aren’t listed on one’s resume. Resilience is one the most vital qualities anyone can have, especially if you are facing intersectional barriers. Whenever there is a time where all hope is lost, I hope you feel an ounce of strength to continue your journey because there is always someone who believes in you--I definitely do.

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