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Peter is studying applied mathematics at USC in order to eventually become a Mathematics teacher.

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"Interact with AOC and COC students during your time in high school. I met a lot of older people through my COC courses who helped me shape my pathway."

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Peter Park
Class of 2018



My career roadmap has been somewhat defined.

My love for mathematics began in elementary school. I remember competing in the Math Field Day competitions through the Saugus Union School District when I was young and my passion for mathematics continued to grow.

Entering into high school, I knew that I wanted to study mathematics, or some STEM-focused field, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do career-wise.

During my junior year of high school, I was talking to a very close friend/mentor about his career in education and it sparked a sense of intrigue within me.

I began to participate in more community-based projects through my church and other organizations. It was at these projects where I fell in love with the idea of directly impacting the community that I lived in and I decided that becoming a math teacher is what I wanted to do.

Going into college, I looked for opportunities to serve my community. I sought volunteer opportunities, community outreach programs, etc. to help the community in whatever ways I could.

Meanwhile, the mathematics I began to face in my undergraduate studies started to become much more difficult than I had anticipated, to the point where I almost switched out of this subject that I loved from a young age.

Upon seeking the advice of my professors and mentor-figures, I ultimately decided to persevere through this difficult major since I recognized that despite the difficulties of mathematics, I still loved it and learning about it.



Here are my extracurriculars relevant to this pathway


  • Math Club

  • Peer Tutoring


  • USC Dornsife Joint Educational Project Reader’s Plus

  • Short-Term Summer Mission Trip to North India

  • Tutorbird Remote Education

  • Korean-American Campus Missions


What I'm currently doing/hope to do

I am currently in my third year of undergraduate studies at USC studying Applied and Computational Mathematics and Education. While studying for a degree in Mathematics, I have committed myself to supporting the community by tutoring underprivileged students, mentoring my younger peers, and any other ways I can better support those around me. Upon graduation, I hope to go into graduate school and eventually teach mathematics full-time in a classroom setting.


How to maximize my time in high school?

  • Advice #1: Interact with AOC and COC students during your time in high school. I met a lot of older people through my COC courses who helped me shape my pathway.

  • Advice #2: On that note, find trusted mentors/mentor-figures that will offer advice, encourage you, and push you to pursue your dreams.

  • Advice #3: Engage with the community in whatever ways you can. Not only will this help you find connections in your career-field, it will also help you shape your understanding of the needs of your community and where you fit in the overall picture.

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